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Create a Document to share your project with customers

D3M allows you to create professional documentation using the information you’ve generated in the Diagram, Inventory, and Quote views. To create one, switch to the Documents view and click on the [+] icon.

You can create them from scratch or create and re-use pre-built Document Templates.

To add content to your Documents drag n’ drop one of the icons from the left-hand column onto your pages. You can add Text Blocks, Images, Diagrams, Inventory Lists, and Quotes.

Documents will automatically stay up-to-date as the rest of your project evolves!

Save versions of your Document on D3M or download them as PDFs

Use the dropdown menu on the top bar to create Snapshots (non-editable copies) of existing Documents. Snapshots allow you to freeze your Documents in time so you can keep a record of what has been submitted to a customer. Your Working Document, on the other hand, will automatically update as the rest of your project evolves.

If you'd like to save a version of your Document to your computer or print it out, use the Print PDF button.

Here's a short video that summarizes the article above:

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