What are D3M Icons and how are they unique?

D3M Icons are elements that represent a device or some type of equipment that will appear in your diagram. Each icon in D3M has three components to it: 

  • A picture or graphic to represent the device
  • A technical view showcasing its physical and wireless ports, and
  • Properties which can be used to store important information, quote parts & settings

Creating a new D3M Icon

You'll need to start by clicking on the "New Icon" button 

Step 1 - Name the Icon & select an image

First, you'll have to start by giving your new icon a name. Once that's done you will need to associate an image or graphic to your icon. You can select one of our hundreds of pre-designed vector graphics or click the Upload Custom Image button to import your own image.

Step 2 - Creating the technical view & assigning ports

The next step consists of determining the size of your icon and adding the appropriate ports to best represent your device. You'll want to include both physical and wireless ports to the best of your knowledge.

To set the size of your icon, simply click on the + and - buttons and adjust as needed. To add a port to your icon, click on an empty square, select the port type and name it appropriately (ex. Type: IP, Label: LAN). It's important to select the right port type as this will determine which connections can be made to and from this icon.

Once a port is created you can click and drag to relocate it within your icon as needed. When you're done click on Next Step.

Step 3 - Adding properties to your icon

Adding properties to your icon will allow you to store product & configuration data (Model Number, IP Address, Serial Number, etc.). These properties will also represent the columns in the D3M Inventory view. It's important to include any data your company will want to track about these devices. Consistency is key!

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