Copy and paste from one project to another

Save a selection of icons to your library for use in future projects.

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How do I Copy Paste from one Project to Another? 

This is one of the most common questions we get from users! Because of limitations with some browsers, we're unable to copy-paste items from one window to the next (or one project to the next), but we still have a simple solution for you! Create an Icon Bundle in your library.

Creating an Icon Bundle

Whether you're just trying to transfer information from one project to the next or looking to create pre-established bundles to save time & effort for your team's future projects, D3M's Icon Bundle feature is mighty useful!

  • Click and drag to select the item, or group of items your want to save

  • Once they're highlighted, Right-Click and select Create an Icon Bundle

  • Give your bundle a name

  • And click Save to User Library

  • The item (or group of items) will now appear in your library. You can open up your next project and drag it out as many times as needed!

TIP: If you think your colleagues could benefit from the use of this bundle, make sure to promote it to your organization library so others can use it! Here is how to promote an icon to your organization's library.

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