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Print a PDF of your project

Learn how to export a PDF of your D3M diagram, inventory list or quotes.

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You've finished your D3M diagram and you're now ready to share it with others! Awesome. Where to start?

Creating a D3M Document to export a PDF

In order to generate a PDF in D3M, you'll need to use our Documents feature. Here's a step-by-step guide as well as a short video to walk you through it:

  • Click Document on the top navigation Bar

  • Click the + to create a new one and select the template you wish to start from. Note that you may only have "Blank" if you haven't already created one.

  • Insert New Pages as required

  • Drag in the elements you wish to include in your PDF from the left-hand menu (check out this article for more information about D3M Documents)

  • Click on the Print PDF  button at the top right of your screen

  • Go make that sale!

Want to Print your Project or Diagram on multiple pages?

Easy peasy, it can be done with our Areas feature. Check out this article to learn how!

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