Sending Your Colleagues an Invitation

Please note that you must be an admin on your D3M organization to invite or remove members from your company's account.

To send an invitation to your co-workers: 

  • Go to "Member Management" by clicking the button above

  • Add your colleagues' email address in the input field, select the appropriate privilege (user or admin), and click Send Invite 

  • They will receive an email allowing them to join your organization and guiding them to signup if they do not already have an account. 

Not Receiving your Invite?

It's possible our email invite was blocked by your company's SPAM filter. Ask your colleague to check their SPAM folder in their email inbox. If they still don't see it, here's an alternative way to get them set up:

  • On the Members page below a pending invitation, you'll notice a red message as follows: "Click here to copy the invite link". 

  • Click on that link to copy the unique invitation link to your clipboard

  • Compose an email to your colleague and paste the unique invite link (Right-Click and select Paste from the context menu)

  • Once they receive the email, they will be able to click on the link and create their account.

What's Next?

Continue setting up your D3M organization by customizing the look and feel to use your own company branding. 

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