D3M Sync Tool

Keep your project's diagrams in sync using the library's project inventory sync tool.

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When your network design is constantly evolving with customer feedback, you are going want to ensure you can easily make changes to your designs to reflect new requirements. Luckily, D3M has tools to help you easily make the changes you need and ensure your designs are up-to-date.

What is the sync tool?

The sync tool can be found on the third tab of the library sidebar.

It is a handy tool that displays devices you included somewhere else in your project that you may have forgotten to add to your diagram.

To better understand how the tool works, let's walk through an example together. Starting with a blank project, we add a couple of devices to our Topology diagram.

When we switch to our project's Rack tab, you'll notice the library sidebar automatically opens the sync tool to display the icons we added to the Topology.

This is D3M letting us know that we have added devices to our Topology diagram that we haven't added to one of our racks yet. 

Now, we can choose to add the new devices to a rack! Let's see what happens if we try changing the names of the devices in the rack diagram.

You'll notice that after bringing devices in from our Topology into the Rack diagram using the sync tool, any changes that we make to the devices in the Rack diagram are now automatically synced in the Topology diagram. 

Of course, you can also sync any changes to the device's properties.

We can also choose to tell the sync tool to "ignore" the icon if it doesn't belong in a rack.

Once we've finished adding all of our icons to our rack diagram, we're all synced up! You'll notice the red circle disappears from the sync tool tab, indicating to us that there's nothing left to do.

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