Formatting Text in D3M

Format project notes, project comments, and project sharing with markdown

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Use markdown to add style to text when you are:

  • Editing project notes

  • Adding comments to a project

  • Sharing a project

Markdown is a simple language for specifying how your text should be formatted. You can use markdown to format your text in project notes or project comments.

Formatting Guide


Create a primary header by putting a pound sign in front of your header text.

# My Primary Header

Create a secondary header by putting two pound sign in front of your header text. 

## My Secondary Header


Wrap text in double asterisks to make it bold.

**This text is bold**  


Wrap text in single asterisks to make it italic.

*This text is in italics*


Wrap text in double tilde to give it a strikethrough.

~~This text has a strikethrough~~ 

Pre-formatted Text

If you want to have text retain its formatting, wrap it in backticks ( ` ). This is particularly useful for code or configuration.

If you want inline pre-formatted text, use single backticks.

`This text is pre-formatted` 

If you have multiline text, use triple backticks.

  'My code': 'is formatted'

Bullet List

Create a bullet list by starting a series of consecutive lines with a dash.

- item one
 - sub-item one
 - sub-item two
- item two
- item three

Numbered List

Create a numbered list by starting a series of consecutive lines with a number followed by a period. The numbers will be adjusted to automatically to be sequential. 

1. item one
  1. sub-item one (two space indent)
  1. sub-item two
1. item two
1. item three

If you want to have a number followed by a period at the beginning of a line without it turning into a list, put a backslash between the number and the period.

0\. This is not a list.
2\. The numbers are not
4\. automatically made
6\. consecutive

Create a link by putting the text you want to display in brackets and the URL you want to link to in parentheses.

[Click Here To Go To D3M]( 


Embed images by putting the name of the image in square brackets and the URL of the image in parentheses, all preceded by an exclamation mark.

![Alt Text](

Horizontal Rule

Create a visible divider in your text by adding a line with three or more dashes.

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