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Use layers to differentiate phases, sites and more.

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How Layers Behave

  • An icon, image, or text box can be part of more than one Layer.

  • Areas and Groups may also be added to Layers.

  • Layers have no size. They are an abstract container for items.

  • Individual Layers can be turned on and off in order to hide the contents of the Layer from being visible.

When To Use Layers

There are certain situations when Groups and Areas do not provide the flexibility you need. Most notably, if you want to relate two or more items in your diagram and it makes the most sense for them to be visually separate, a Group or Area may inadvertently capture more items than you intend. Layers can be used as a tag that you can later use to change the visibility of all items with a specific tag. Layer visibility can also be used in Documents to hide certain elements in your Diagram from customers that are viewing the Document.

How To Use Layers

  • You can create a Layer at any time by using the layer button in the bottom left corner of the Diagram.

  • Add and remove items from Layers by selecting the items in the Diagram, right-clicking one of the selected items, and using the Layers submenu to select which Layers the item should be a part of.

  • Note: Creating a new Layer while items in the Diagram are selected will add the selected items to the Layer.

  • When you have some existing layers you will see them beside the create button in the bottom left of the Diagram. Hover over the name of the Layer to see everything in that Layer highlight in the Diagram. Click on the name of the Layer to toggle visibility of the items in that Layer.

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