How Groups Behave

  • An icon, image, or text box can be part of only one group.

  • You can nest groups, one inside another.

  • The size of a group cannot be managed manually. Is adjusts automatically to fit around its contents.

  • Groups have a semi-transparent background, a solid border, and an editable title.

  • Groups cannot exist without having some contents. Deleting the last item in a Group will cause the Group to also be deleted.

When To Use Groups

Groups are useful when you want to visually mark one or more items with a semi-transparent background and a title or make it easy to keep a set of items together.

How To Use Groups

  • Create a Group by selecting the items to be part of the Group, then right-click on one of the selected items, and select Group from the options in the context menu.

  • Remove something from a Group be selecting one or more items that are currently in Groups, then right-click on one of the selected items and select Ungroup from the options in the context menu.

  • Move a Group and its contents by clicking and dragging the Group.

  • Deleting a Group will delete both the Group and its contents

  • Ungrouping a Group will delete only the Group

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