Import serial numbers into D3M's inventory list

Learn how to bring serial numbers from any spreadsheet app into D3M.

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Click and drag to select a set of data that you would like to import into D3M. Currently, this must be a single column of data. Then right-click on your selection and click Copy in the context menu, or use your keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+c, to copy your selection to your clipboard. 

Once you have copied your data, head over to the Inventory tab in your D3M project. Click the first cell that you would like to paste your data into and use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+v, to paste your data into the column.


When I right-click the cell in D3M to try to paste in my data, I don't see an option to copy. 

Right-clicking to paste the data in D3M is currently not an option. You have to use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+v, to successfully paste the data into D3M.

When I paste my data into D3M, data only gets entered into the cell that I selected.

When clicking the cell in D3M, if you click it twice, the paste will not be successful and will put all of your data that you copied into the one cell you clicked. Make sure that you only click the cell once. You will know that you did it right if you see a blue square in the bottom right corner of the cell you selected.

When I paste my data into D3M, only one of the columns I copied from Excel gets pasted into D3M.

You can only paste one column at a time into D3M. If you copy multiple columns and try to paste that into D3M, it will only recognize the first column.

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