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Uploading and managing quote parts
Uploading and managing quote parts

Get your pricing information into D3M and keep it up-to-date.

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Managing your quote parts

To get started with setting up your quote parts, you’ll need to navigate to your company’s quote settings page. You can do so with the button above. 

NOTE: you must be an Admin on your D3M organization’s account to do so.

Manually adding or editing quote parts one-by-one

You can easily add parts to your company’s Quote Part List by simply typing in a unique part number, name, description, unit price & unit cost as required. When hitting enter on your keyboard the Quote Part will automatically be saved and can now be used by you and your colleagues when creating quotes in D3M.

Importing quote parts in bulk

Entering a large number of parts manually can be time-consuming and unmanageable. Alternatively, you can upload a CSV file with all of your quote part information. 

Creating a CSV to import

If you already have a system for creating quotes you can likely export the part information from that system as a CSV. Otherwise, you can create your own CSV using Excel or any other spreadsheet software. There are five pieces of data that D3M uses to build quotes for you:

  1. Part Number (required) - Usually a series of digits and letters is used to uniquely identify a specific part or product.

  2. Name (required) - The name of the part or product.

  3. Description (optional) - A short description of the part or product.

  4. Price (optional) - The price of a part or product that you offer to your customer.

  5. Cost (optional) - The cost to you to purchase a part or product for resale.

NOTE: If you have part numbers that are all numbers and no letters and need to create or alter your CSV in Excel, Excel may alter some of your part numbers preventing them from being imported correctly. Check out our article on how to prevent the issue: Prevent part numbers in scientific notation

Upload your CSV to D3M

Once you have a CSV ready, upload it to D3M using the dashed grey rectangle shown below (find that in your D3M Quote Settings). Once you upload the CSV, D3M will ask you to select which columns in your CSV match each piece of data mentioned above.

Simply select the correct column for each dropdown and click Done mapping headers. 

You can change the data in your CSV and re-upload at any time and it will intelligently update your quote data.

If you would like a CSV template that you can manually fill out or copy-and-paste values into, you can download our CSV Template and upload the result when you have completed entering all your data into it.

Having trouble?

If you have any issues with setting up quoting or have questions about any of the available settings, don't hesitate to send us a message via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner: 

Maintaining your company’s quote parts

Once your parts have been uploaded we make it very easy for you to update them as required. You can either make changes directly in D3M by searching for quote parts and modifying or deleting them or you can upload an up-to-date CSV and your quote parts will be updated intelligently. Any parts that are not present in the upload will be deleted. Everything else will be updated or added respectively. If you need an up-to-date CSV to make modifications to, make use of the Export CSV button to download a file that you can modify and re-upload.

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