When you are inviting colleagues to join your organization you have two options to choose from: 'user' or 'admin'

There are three roles that a member of an organization can have. 


A basic user of D3M is able to create D3M projects and collaborate with other users. They only have access to D3M projects that they have explicit access granted for. 


Admins have all the functionality of a basic user, but can also access all the administration settings for an organization. They can distribute D3M licenses, add and remove icons from the icon library, create and edit document templates, and manage to quote data for the organization. 


Only one user can be the owner of an organization and it is usually the one that created the organization, to begin with. If you are the owner of an organization, you are able to transfer your ownership to another user.

The owner has access to all the administration features, similar to a user with the 'admin' role. However, the owner also has access to billing, allowing them to view invoices, change billing information, and upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their D3M subscription.

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