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Customize D3M to match your company's brand (white-labeling)
Customize D3M to match your company's brand (white-labeling)

Look professional across your company and in front of your customers by branding D3M with your company logo and colors.

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We do our best to make D3M look professional and clean, but nothing beats having your own company branding. Branding is very easy to set up and can be done in a matter of minutes.


Start by uploading your company logo. This logo will always be visible in the top left corner of D3M. You would typically use a version of your logo here that can fit well in horizontal space. We recommend an aspect ratio of 6:1. For example, 300 pixels wide by 50 pixels high. The logo that you upload here should look good on top of whatever color you choose for the Brand Bar Color later on. Once you upload the logo, we will show you a preview of the logo on top of that color. 

Color Palette

Add your brand colors to make them available to choose from when editing colors in your organization's projects.

Testing and tweaking

Any time you make changes to your logo or colors, the changes could take up to 30 seconds to take effect. Keep refreshing your browser tab until you see the effects of your changes. 

We recommend taking a look through D3M after you have adjusted your colors to make sure that everything looks good. If you find any issues where you cannot get the colors to look good, please reach out to us and we can help you out.

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