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Give ownership of a project to a colleague
Give ownership of a project to a colleague

Pass a project onto another member of your organization by making them the owner.

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When your company has well defined roles, one person might create a project to track a sale, then pass it on to engineering to work out the details, then pass it on to the installation team at implementation time, etc... This article walks through how to pass 'ownership' of a project to another individual in your D3M organization.

Give Project Ownership to Another User

Before we start, just a note about permissions. If you are the owner of the project, anywhere you can open the share dialog for a project you can assign another user in your organization to be the owner. If you are not the owner, but you have admin permissions on your organization, you can set the owner only on the Admin Settings > Projects page.  

Once you find the project that you want to give to another user in your D3M organization, open the sharing controls for that project. In the sharing dialog, first ensure that the user you want to give ownership to has already been given access to the project. Once you have shared the project with them, simply use the dropdown to change their permission to 'owner'. 

Share a project with a colleague with a D3M account:

Give a colleague ownership of a project:

You now have 'edit and share' access to the project and your colleague will have ownership.

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