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What is D3M?

What is D3M, how can it help your business, and how does it differ from other solutions?

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What is D3M?

D3M is a tool that helps you Design, Document, Deliver and Manage network solutions. Use D3M to bring clarity to your solutions, expedite turnaround for your customers, and put professionalism at the forefront of your business.ย 

Our data-backed diagramming tools allow you to create comprehensive diagrams that you can share live with customers, add to D3M documents, or import into 3rd-party tools. As you diagram your solution for the customer, D3M is hard at work tracking the inventory needed for implementation and a quote or proposal is just a few clicks away using D3M's tightly integrated documentation and quotation tools. Need to come back to a proposal to make some revisions? No problem! Just make the changes in one place and let D3M update all of your documentation, generate a new quote, and keep your diagrams in sync.

D3M gives you a central repository of documentation for all your customer's deployments that your entire company can access from anywhere with an internet connection and rescues the time you would normally spend on repetitive data entry, allowing you to get back to making money.

We didn't even mention the best part yet! D3M is constantly evolving based on the feedback of our customers. If you have ideas of how D3M can do even more for your business, we love to hear them, and what's more, we love to implement those ideas to make you more efficient.

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