Upload Motorola pricing to D3M
Export Motorola's price list and import it into D3M for quoting purposes
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NOTE: You need to be a Motorola Certified Reseller to access Motorola's Online Dealer Portal and download Motorola pricing.

1. Log in to Motorola's Online Dealer Portal here: businessonline.motorolasolutions.com

2. Download your Motorola price list

Click Buying Center and then click Download Catalog

Next, go to Request New Catalog Document. 

Make sure that the Request Type field is set to Comma Delimited (,) and select the types of Devices and Accessories you wish to include in this download. Click OK.

3. Simplify the price list before uploading to D3M

Open the exported TXT file in Excel by right-clicking and selecting Open with ... Excel. 

Next, edit the following column headings in the document you just opened:

  • Change Description to name

  • Change ProdView to part

  • Change List Price to price

  • Change Your Price to cost

  • Add empty Description column

Delete the rest of the columns in the document and save your new version of the file in CSV format.

NOTE: If you have part numbers that are all numbers and no letters, Excel may alter some of your part numbers, preventing them from being imported correctly. Check out our article on how to prevent the issue: Prevent part numbers in scientific notation

4. Upload your Motorola pricing to D3M

Click the button above to open D3M's quote part management for your organization. Click the Drop .CSV file button, locate the file you saved on your computer. Upload! Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop your CSV file from another window.

And now you're all set! 

NOTE: If you ever upload another list with identical part numbers, D3M will know to update the name, price, and cost as required.

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